You are more than welcome join our team.

We welcome as many IT and Business Consulting Firm to help build and grow our world class organization. 

Working with Alpha XY Solutions will is the worlds largest IT and Business Consulting firms with many years of profitable growth delivers a variety of benefits for your company, clients and consultants. 

Driving value for your business, clients and consultants

Benefits for your company
  • You will have access to more than 500+ clients using our end-to-end services and 6 Alpha XY Solutions consultants at the forefront of industry trends and technology innovation
  • Operational principles and practices proven over a 10 year history and documented in the Alpha XY Solutions Management Foundation
  • Client-proximity model that organizes operations within metro markets giving us deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and enabling the proactive delivery of innovative services and solutions
  • Industry and technology expertise at the local level supported by global insights from our clients around the world
  • Global network of onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery centers that support client-proximity teams and provide the best mix of services configured to clients’ needs and preferences
  • End-to-end IT and business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services, along with 35+ intellectual property solutions
  • Sound financial management practices and long-term financial strength providing a superior return on investment
Benefits for your clients
  • Consistent on time, within budget delivery
  • Client satisfaction and loyalty scores signed by clients
  • Industry, business and technology expertise combined with an end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions, providing full support for each client’s unique business needs
  • Local knowledge, empowerment and accountability through our client-proximity model
  • Long-term operational and financial stability
Benefits for your consultants
  • Smooth interaction processes fine-tuned through 2 mergers
  • Empowering culture where all have the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur within the organization
  • Competitive profit participation plan that is based on local results at the metro market levels
  • Extensive performance management and career development support
  • A number of training opportunities and learning and development resources
  • Proximity model that best supports gaining hands-on experience along with mentoring, coaching and career planning

Our merger experience and approach

Alpha XY Solutions has achieved sustained profitable growth over the past four decades through a “Build and Buy” strategy focused on driving organic growth  and growth via mergers . Not only that but we have completed 4 mergers since going public in 2010, including 2 mergers in the last two years.

One of Alpha XY Solutions core strengths is our ability to successfully merge cultures, consultants and processes into a single, unified organization through best practices that cover every aspect of the integration life cycle. More than half of our consultants have joined Alpha XY Solutions through mergers, coming together as one to build a global company that continues to grow and succeed.

To ensure the success of our merger strategy, Alpha XY Solutions carefully evaluates prospective companies based on defined criteria that closely aligns with our strategic growth objectives.

Contact us to learn more about different strategies and the opportunities to let your company be part of Alpha XY Solutions.

Alpha XY Solutions is committed to keeping all inforamtion provided through our website with respect to any potential merger discussion strictly confidential and respecting its proprietary nature.


Merger Criteria 


  • IT consulting
  • Systems integration
  • Outsourcing services
  • Intellectual property managed services
  • Our services will be delivered directly to the clients.


  • Large or mid-sized organizations
  • Strong references


  • A deep commitment to achieving client success
  • Experienced in technologies including emerging technologies
  • Low turnover in line with industry standards
  • Permanent employees


  • Profitable growth history
  • Healthy balance sheet

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